Your Chance to Try Homebot for FREE!


If you’ve ever wanted to try Homebot, now is your chance to sign up for FREE! Click the link below to sign up with no obligation to join.  If you decide you like the service and would like to upgrade to add more clients the cost is only $25 a month for up to 500 clients.

What do you, as an agent, get out of Homebot through FREEMIUM?

  1. Ability to add up to 25 clients
  2. Access to a limited time Homebot trial until you’re ready to upgrade
  3. A robust training program to maximize your use of Homebot
  4. Live support from our Customer Support team (and access to the Help Center) to answer any questions

What’s Homebot?

Homebot is a customer-for-life tool that allows you, as an agent, to engage with past clients and prospective buyers! It allows for a seamless experience that borrowers love to open to see their current home value, their equity position, and various ways to build wealth for their future. The Homebot report is branded to you, and allows for your borrowers to message you directly on any piece of information they are interested to learn more about.


Tracking your Clients’ Behavior

You can track when your clients are engaging with their Homebot report by seeing if they have opened it, viewed it, or even played around in specific modules. The average open rate each month is ~60% and the average engagement rate is ~50%!


The Homebot Digest

The Homebot Digest is a report that will be sent automatically to your clients on a monthly basis. This is the bread and butter of Homebot, and where you’ll see clients engaging the most. You will start to receive questions around the following wealth building topics.

  •  Refinance potential
  • Purchasing power (investment opportunities and trading up)
  • Cash out potential
  • Short-term rental potential
  • Dropping mortgage insurance
  • When a homeowner is looking to sell & buy a new home…”exploring real estate markets”


Three reasons you will benefit:

    1. Get competitive with data! Generate new listings, buyers and CMA requests
    2. Keep clients and prospects within your sphere of influence
    3. Build deeper relationships with your clients than ever before, during and after the transaction