Home Loans by Design Announcement

We’re thrilled to introduce our new partnership!!

Thanks to the enormous support from our clients and partners, We’ve gotten to a point in our respective businesses where we really needed to grow our teams to provide the exceptional customer service that we both pride ourselves on.

This will be a perfect balance to be able to serve all client needs and we will compliment each other’s strengths. Jen has always had a strong focus on conventional and second home financing, where as Mike is very analytical and has a strong background with self employed, VA and Jumbo loans.

Some fun facts about us:

  • We’ve worked alongside each other for almost a decade
  • We started at the same company on the same day in 2012
  • We shared our first assistant together back in 2013
  • We both moved to Guild within months of each other

We came up with Home Loans by Design because each person’s loan is unique to us. We want to ensure we’re designing the loan program and experience that fits each client best.

We can’t wait to see what opportunities this new partnership will bring, and look forward to serving our clients and partners with exceptional service together.