Bookshelf Styling with Luxe Interior Studio

Bookshelves Styling Steps and Tips from Nicole Snell of Luxe Interior Studio

1). Gather a collection of items, mixing books, boxes, trinkets, framed prints, decorative objects, greenery, etc. Collection should be a variety of new and old, personal mementos and décor. Shop your own collections first!

2). Make sure to create texture through varying materials including greenery, wood, metals, stone, etc.

3). Choose a color scheme if you will be including pops of color, or if you are going for a natural monochromatic feel, then make sure there’s adequate texture through natural materials (stone, wood, greenery)

2). Lay everything out to establish which items might work well in a grouping. Group items in varying height and size, and groupings that are odd in numbers. Pay attention to dispersing the different materials throughout your groupings.

3). Start by placing your largest or “statement” items on the shelving, spreading them throughout the bookcase.

4). Next start filling in the holes, making sure groupings next to each other vary and are not too similar.

5). A special note on books. I love to use books to incorporate a color scheme. Look through your own collection first, taking that jackets off and sorting by color on spine. If you don’t have a collection of books to use, check your local used bookstore or thrift store. Books are great as a statement piece paired with fun bookends, or incorporated into a grouping, stacked to create height.

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