10 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

So you're finally ready to start shopping for a home... before you just hire your relative or aunt that's recently decided to get into real estate, it's important you choose wisely. This person is about to represent you in one of the biggest purchases you'll likely ever make, so take some time to interview at least 3 candidates. Not all real estate agents are created equal but good news for you, there's no cost to...

10 Things to Do After Closing

Just bought a home? Today I'm sharing 10 things to do after you receive the keys to your new home!1. Transfer & set up utilities2. Change locks3. Deep clean4. Reset garage door5. Forward mailing address6. Change address with DMV 7. Check smoke detectors8. Introduce yourself to neighbors9. Create a maintenance schedule10. Establish safety plan and assemble first aid kithttps://youtu.be/gcKQU-_oeJY

Bookshelf Styling with Luxe Interior Studio

Bookshelves Styling Steps and Tips from Nicole Snell of Luxe Interior Studio 1). Gather a collection of items, mixing books, boxes, trinkets, framed prints, decorative objects, greenery, etc. Collection should be a variety of new and old, personal mementos and décor. Shop your own collections first! 2). Make sure to create texture through varying materials including greenery, wood, metals, stone, etc. 3). Choose a color scheme if you will be including pops of color, or...